Memoirs, Poetry

Hold on…a little bit longer

Dark skies, grey clouds, Nerves wrecking, heart clenched, chilly air, misty horizons, memories, happy, sad, longing, places I was, ones have never been, weighing me down, wearing me out, stomach sunken to pits. Amidst the endless bleak, hope resides, warm, blindingly beautiful, seeping through the ice, melting it, erasing it, block by block, fill me… Continue reading Hold on…a little bit longer


Of chains of societal expectations

I am often fascinated at how much of the society control our lives. There is a natural state of progression that you would not notice until you slightly deviate. It is in such circumstances that you feel a pull on your leg and hear the chains of societal expectations pulling. I had never planned to… Continue reading Of chains of societal expectations